Event No: 3643
Event Ref No.: e-Auction/ADA/10/2021/07
Event Description: e-Auction for Commercial Shop. 17,18 (Size: 39.6 Sq.mtr.), 19(Size: 49.5 Sq.mtr.), 20(Size: 34.2 Sq.mtr.), 31,32,33,34(Size: 50.76 Sq.mtr.) at Old Civil Hospital, Batala.(Bid to be quoted in Sq..mtr.)
Department/Division: Amritsar Development Authority
Discipline Auction
Bank Guarantee: NA
Event Estimated Cost: 0
Event Items:
EMD Mode: Event Wise
Published By: Mahesh Bansal
Event Notice:
As per the attached documents.
Notice Document: 1633508993noticee.pdf
Event Document 1. 1633508995termsconverted.pdf
2. 1633509001TermsandConditionsofAuctions30052019final.pdf
Auction Start Date: 07-10-2021 09:00:00
Auction End Date: 18-10-2021 13:00:00