Event No: 3583
Event Ref No.: e-Auction/PDA/October/2021/18
Event Description: 1. E-Auction of Shop Site No (5, 7, 8-C, 9-C, 10, 11) (Basement + Three Storey ) in Phulkian Enclave Near DAC, Patiala. (bid quoted in Sq. Mtr). 2. E-Auction of Shop Site No (51-C, 52-C, 62-C, 30-C, 70-C, 26, 27, 31, 32 ) (Basement + Double Storey )in Phulkian Enclave Near DAC, Patiala. (bid quoted in Sq. Mtr).
Department/Division: Patiala Development Authority
Discipline Auction
Bank Guarantee: NA
Event Estimated Cost: 0
Event Items:
EMD Mode: Event Wise
Published By: Jashanpreet Kaur Gill
Event Notice:
"As per terms & Conditions * The list of properties & tentative reserve price indicated against the plot are subject to change. Please check the auction room before bidding. *
Notice Document: 1633342568map.jpeg
Event Document 1. 1633342566dacshopsite.PDF
2. 1633342575phulkianenclavegoogleimage.png
3. 16333425821599502839PLCchargesofficeorder.pdf
4. 1633342610Extensionandbidfactororder.pdf
Auction Start Date: 05-10-2021 09:00:00
Auction End Date: 18-10-2021 13:00:00