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Event No: 3022
Event Ref No.: e-Auction/ADA/04/2021/18
Event Description: e-Auction for Residential Plot no. 245, 247, 248 (Size: 188.13 Sq.mtr.), 208, 209, 211, 216, 225, 231, 233 (Size: 229.93 Sq.mtr.) at New Urban Estate, Batala. (Bid to be quoted in Sq.mtr.)
Department/Division: Amritsar Development Authority
Discipline Auction
Bank Guarantee: NA
Event Estimated Cost: 0
Event Items:
EMD Mode: Event Wise
Published By: Anamjyot Kaur
Event Notice:
As per the attached documents.
Notice Document: 1616490095NUEResidential.pdf
Event Document 1. 1616490111TermsandConditionsofAuctions30052019final.pdf
2. 1616490114termsconverted.pdf
Auction Start Date: 01-04-2021 09:00:00
Auction End Date: 12-04-2021 13:00:00